Welcome to Venturing!

If you are a new member to Crew 3695, welcome! Please do everything on this list so we can get you properly registered with the crew and into all of the proper communication systems!

Email Adrian (phosgenite@gmail.com) with the following information, so he can get you added to the necessary stuff

- Your email address that you check most frequently. This will be what I add to the email list, and I need to know if this email needs to be changed.

- Your phone number. This will be added to the crew information spreadsheet in the google drive folder so that people can contact you

Your google account email, If you want the Google resources shared with you. A link to the google drive folder and google calendar will always be available on this website, but if you want it directly shared with you i need to know that. 

- Do you regularly use a calendar system? If so, what system do you use? Even though the crew calendar is a google calendar, there are still ways to add it to pretty much any other calendar system. I can help you with this, just let me know. 

- Do you already have a Groupme account? if so, how should I add you to our group? We use Groupme for short reminders, and emails for large pieces of information. 

- We use Slack.com for a lot of our communications


The following things must be given to Terri Johnson or Brett Schneider:

- Youth Membership Form

- Check for $33 addressed to Crew 3695

- Consent/Health form sections A&B (C is not necessary)

- Shooting Permission form



Visit BSA Store and purchase minimum required Venturing items:    

o Class A uniform shirt
o BSA insignia patch
o Green shoulder loops
o Northern Star Council shoulder patch
o 695 Crew numbers
o Flag shoulder patch
o Venturing shoulder patch
o Venturing Awards and Requirements guide book
o Handbook for Venturers


Optional purchases (Not immediately required):

o Grey pants (zipoffs are ideal; can be purchased anywhere such as REI or Fleet Farm)

o Venturing socks (required for some functions / activities such as Grey Wolf)

o Class B BSA or Venturing t-shirt (recommend wearing for volunteer and other casual activites)

BSA store + hours: here



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